24 February 2021

Things to do while you're stuck at home

It can be very hard to stay productive and keep taking care of yourself when you have absolutely nothing to do every single day. Some of us are either away from our homes in university accommodation or at home, in both cases having online classes or some of us were supposed to be at work and if you are unlucky like me, you have nothing going on which makes you even more irritated. I think that we can all agree that it gets very frustrating when you feel like everything is out of your control and you cannot decide what to do with your days as your activities are limited to the walls of your house. No need to worry though as I’m here to bless you with a list of things to do, yes, I’m a good friend I know!

Read a book

As you can see on the top right corner of your screen there's a section entitled “fight book club”, there you will find a bigger selection of my favourite books and books that I would recommend along with a short description and how I felt while reading them (don’t worry, no spoilers). That section will be updated regularly but in the meantime, here are some books you can read with a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine, it’s your call:

Gypsy Boy

Mikey Walsh

Gypsy Boy is about a young boy named Mikey and the struggles he had to face while growing up in a violent community. As I said before, no spoilers, I can only say that it had me in tears.
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Call Me by Your Name

André Aciman

If you plan to read this book, I really hope that you have not watched the movie just yet. Set in the summer of 1983 in Italy, 17-year-old Elio finds more than just a new hang out spot or café which you usually would when you are on vacation.
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Le Parfum

Patrick Süskind

Originally written in German, Le Parfum is an insight on the twisted mind of a man who has another goal than other men in life. I have read it in French as it was picked by our French Literature teacher in high school but it is also available in English (Perfume).
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R.H Sin writes poems about relationships that you can easily relate to, you feel empowered and above all the hardships you are going through. He generalises situations that you might be in and you feel less alone therefore he offers some sort of self care. This is a good choice for the people struggling to get their ex off of their minds because they cannot be out and about. His Instagram also has a lot of his works, check it out, it helps.
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Binge watch TV Shows

Easy to watch TV Shows that keep you entertained: here you have two of my personal favourites, whether I am sad or bored, I always have a good laugh.


Timeless classics comedy featuring Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Incredibly entertaining television series featuring Will Smith


While watching Reign you can get lost in the lives of Kings and Queens through the beautiful costumes, big chateaus and lavish lifestyles. The TV show revolving around Mary Stewart shows her reign as queen of France and Scotland.

Bates Model

And finally, for shows that keep you on your toes, you can check out Elite and Bates Motel, you will not be disappointed!


If you want to get your body ready for after the confinement you can go ahead and start working out now, remember to drink plenty of water and watch what you eat.

I only follow female body builders but the exercises will be the same for both girls and boys, these two consistently walk you through their home workouts and also offer plans you can purchase and follow: Sahara Gentry @sahara_fit Morgan Olson @momomuscle

If you are not into body building or you do not have weight at home, no worries, Sephora Vieilesse brings Zumba Fitness to your living room for a more dynamic and fun workout. Follow her on Instagram @sephora_uelle or on Facebook where she often goes live.

Tips to end

Declutter your room in order to feel lighter, remove all items that do not spark joy or you have no use for anymore. You can go ahead and read Marie Kondo’s books about decluttering or watch YouTube videos.

Practice breathing exercises as well in order to calm down instead of lashing out whenever it gets hard to cohabitate with other people whether it is your family or dorm mates.
Work on yourself and stay away from energy vampires, this is the opportunity you waited for in order to do the things that you “didn’t have the time” to do.
Regularly check up on your elders and people who have underlying medical conditions.

I hope that this post has helped you in a way or another, stay tuned for more posts on self-help, music, fashion and much more.

Your Friend,