20 May 2020

Online shopping - Streetwear

If you are anything like me, thinking about the next time that you will be able to shop is extremely frustrating, you toss and turn picturing the outfits you would be able to put together if it wasn’t for Covid-19, you watch runway shows and get upset while watching fashion bloggers and every day gets harder. I have put together some of the nicest and most affordable online shopping websites for streetwear for this short blog post.


YŪSHO is a unisex brand originating from the Harajuku neighbourhoods in Tokyo Japan, created by a Japanese designer alongside his sidekick from the same country. Later two Frenchmen joined in before making it grow with their own touch. I would suggest having google translate handy in order to navigate the website. I have a discount code just for you guys! Use 'DARKFLOWER' to get 10% off your order.


ASCLO is a Korean brand. With Korean fashion becoming more and more popular I thought that many of you would share my love for this clean style. For this website, it would be best if you were on Google Chrome as you can translate directly on the website and not have to go back and forth in order to translate. Oh and by the way, you won’t always find that your size is available on this website, sorryyyy.

New Wave

New Wave is a brand from Amsterdam that offers more of the typical pieces you would expect to find when someone mentions streetwear, with the oversized tops, shorts and cargo pant or joggers. It is already very popular and has a lot of its pieces sold out on the website, all I can say if check them out, you won’t regret it.

Let me know if you liked this post and want a part two of streetwear brands! I am also opened to suggestions! Contact me via email: darkflower@yourstylefix.com