25 February 2021

Skills to try out

Here is a short post with a list of skills you can try to acquire if like me you feel like you have not found your passion or talent just yet!!


If you are creative but cannot seem to draw, maybe writing could be your “thing”! It does not have to be complicated and full of metaphors, it just has to be real and relatable or totally unimaginable, there are no guidelines just let your creativity flow. With apps like Grammarly, you can afford to let the words flow out and go over them later without it being a whole lot of words that have no sense when being read again.

Styling or Sewing

If you are into fashion, styling or sewing could keep you interested. Go through your old clothes, try to make new outfits out of them! And if your old clothes don’t interest you anymore, make some new one! Grab your favorite T-shirt and use it as a template or as they call it “pattern” to make other ones! You can also purchase patterns online and print them out. There are nice tutorials on YouTube by Withwendy or inspiring pieces by Adam Small on TikTok.


You do not need a fancy camera and expensive equipment in order to take great photos, your phone camera is more than enough with its portrait mode and lock on exposure! Find what is your favourite subject, could be birds, flowers, humans, cars, it can be literally anything from buildings to a water droplet! Find a photographer who has similar interests as you, follow them and learn from them.

Playing an instrument

If you have an instrument laying around in your house or can purchase one online. Try learning how to play, do not skip the basics of learning the chords but try learning one of your favorite songs first! You will be more satisfied at the end and it will keep you going!


This is definitely not my cup of tea but if you have a good control of your body, try dancing! Figure out what style you like and have a mirror ready. Start by getting a feel of the particular dance style and try to adapt your body language to what is required. Keep practicing and watch yourself get better and nail it!

To finish, you will never be great at something as soon as you start so if something really interests you, stick to you, you will not see your progress right away but a couple of months down the line, you’ll look back and be glad that you didn’t give up. I hope that you liked this post, let me know if you would like a part two of this via email!

Cannot wait to hear from you guys again,
Your friend
Dark Flower